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As an Oil and Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Developer, our goal is to identify, target, acquire and develop crude oil, natural gas and renewable Energy (NGRE) properties in strategic countries within Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Falconridge Energy with our team of world-class scientists, geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and engineers combine passionately to develop and operate large oil and gas portfolios across Sub-Saharan Africa leveraging on our suite of innovative cutting-edge technologies.

TST (Terra Slicing)

Natural Gas

We partner with governments and businesses to provide large, mid, and small-scale Gas to Power solutions. We efficiently execute natural gas to power projects by reducing infrastructure, cost and environmental impact while enhancing profitability and consistent power supply. Competitiveness is achieved through advanced technology deployment.

TS (TerraSeal)

Renewable Energy

Falconridge Energy also specializes in developing large-scale renewable energy projects, by offering world-class engineering services in collaboration with our renowned partners. With immediate focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, we design, develop, commission and maintain green energy initiatives, catering to national governments, cities/municipalities, commercial estates, and industrial sectors. Our core renewable energy focus is to accelerate local scaling, manufacturing and adoption of renewable energy systems within Sub-Saharan Africa.

TST (Terra Slicing)